Take a look around

Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to ‘jump at de sun.’ We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground. -Zora Neale Hurston


I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them. -Phyllis Diller ( i just thought this quote was funny)

Sometimes humans surprise me and I guess after 31 years I shouldn’t let them. When there is a disaster everyone rushes in and there is this huge surge of people who want to help, donating to telethons, giving blood, sending out canned food, what ever the emergency calls for there is this certain group of people who run out and get involved in what ever the trendy cause to support is but in our everyay life we are to busy with our deadlines and our social media and what ever plans we are rushing off to do, we as a people have become blind how we can be helpful and make our communities a better place. As a mother to two boys who were born 14 months apart I can tell you I am grateful to the people who have done the simplest of things for us like held open a door for us. Most people don’t even notice a mom struggling to get her giant stroller into a building with two screaming toddlers, ready to run in opposite directions anymore. Or they are to busy tweeting or putting up a Facebook status about how they hate crying toddler, giant strollers  and why cant moms control their children anymore.  No one looks out for each other any more, we don’t get to know our neighbors and we are so stuck in this fast pace, gotta hit our goals, gotta update our online social media accounts, that we don’t stop to look around and see what is happing right in front of us, to our neighbors and our friends. We just wait for some tragedy to happen and then we jump in and help and I can honestly say if we as a people continue to keep our nose to the ground and don’t allow our plans to change or our lives to be interrupted to help someone else in need our neighborhoods or just going to continue to go down hill and what kind of place will we be bringing those screaming toddlers up in. 

Ok so I went into all of that because the boys and I were driving to church on Sunday and there was a traffic back up and I was sitting there wondering what the heck was going on and I was upset because we were already running late for church and there was this traffic back up. When I got up to the cause of the traffic back up, I was amazed to see an older man pushing a woman in a car and no one was stopping to help this man. He was bent over grabbing his chest and I don’t know if I was in more disbelief or disgusted that no one was helping this man. Any way with my two toddlers in the car I pulled over into a parking lot, got out and helped push the broken down car across the intersection and into another parking lot. I didn’t have time to really talk to the person I helped because the boy were sitting in the car alone but I know I helped out  

#21 helped push a broken down car.

I just want to say I had every excuse in the world to pass by that man and not help. I had two little boys who had to sit in the car alone and in the cold while I pushed the car out of the street, I was already late, I wasn’t exactly in car pushing clothes and I broke my tibial plateau this summer and my knee still kills me and I had a stress fracture; I think my orthopedic surgeon wouldn’t have been to happy about me pushing a car.


Take a look around and see what you can do to help your community and after you run through every excuse you have, ask yourself really how good are those excuses you give yourself everyday to not get involved and have a positive impact on other peoples lives.      

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2 Responses to Take a look around

  1. connie Laurence says:

    Thank you Becky for continuing to honor your mom! Random Act of Kindness is truly inspiring, we should be doing this every day, not just this week! Love you and your family! I paid for someone’s dinner tonight and she had tears in her eyes! She appreciated the kindness and I left feeling wonderful!

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