Sorry it has been awhile

I have started numerous blogs to track many things I have done in my life and each time I do, Whatever I am blogging about consumes my world and the blog takes a back seat. So let me update you on whats been going on. We use to have a regular babysitter but at the beginning of the month they suddenly stopped baby sitting so we were piecing together babysitters week by week so I could continue working. After a lot thought and prayers it just made sense for John and I that I leave my job and stay at home full time with our boys. It’s weird because I am really going to love being home with the boys but I really loved my job (except for the person I worked directly with, she sort of became a nightmare. It drove me nuts because I was working so hard to find babysitters and things were so hard for us and I go to work and all this lady can do is yell all day about everything. When I first started she was ok, I knew we wouldn’t be best friends but I thought we would get along and then she went on vacation and it seemed like her evil twin sister came back.). The boys have been sick and we have been working on potty training with Briggs, He has been doing well but we are not there yet. Potty training does mean a constant  flow of skittles in our house so that is the great news. 

I want to take some time to talk about the acts of kindness that have been done for me. Like I mentioned earlier we suddenly lost our babysitter on January 2nd and the people who helped us make the last month work have been so amazing. The friends who messaged me with their trusted caregivers and the people who gave up their days off to help us and the people who got the frantic phone calls begging for help. Thank you we love you. I also would like to thank a friend who donated 62 dollars to a woman’s shelter in honor of my mother. We also have a friend who is doing 62 acts of kindness by posting encouraging quotes on her Facebook page which has been really wonderful for me to read her quotes.   

So last week I bought some pre-made cookie dough with full intentions to deliver them to our  local fire station and police department and I knew I would need a few practice runs because honestly I am not much of a baker. If my sons need to learn how to shoot a free throw or learn how to elbow someone in the face to get rebound and get away with it I am their girl but if they need something baked, I am not their girl. Anyway so far the cookies have tasted good but haven’t looked very edible. So I think I am going to buy donuts or something not made by me. ok so onto my acts of kindness. 

#12 I helped load groceries into an elderly persons car while it was super cold. She was a little freaked out and probably thought I was going to rob her at first but once she safely made it into her car with all of her belongings I got a very big thank you.

#13 We live near a main road and I believe a lot of trash drifts onto our street because of it, Or I have really messy neighbors. before there was snow on the ground the boys and I took a  little walk and picked up trash around our street. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t so cold we would have done more and perhaps during the warm parts of the year the boys and I will continue doing this once a month so they learn the value of being a good neighbor.

#14 is a simple one I just cleared my neighbors sidewalk after the snow. 

Like I said we have been sick and my cookies were a complete fail so I hope to get more done and to post a little more regularly on here. I also have my first test in my patho on monday so that has taken up a bunch of my time.

thanks for reading



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