Just the basics acts of kindness #11

“My mother is a poem
I’ll never be able to write,
though everything I write
is a poem to my mother.”
–Sharon Doubiago

If you look at the picture from my last post, it is a picture of a flyer asking for donations for our troops. For act of kindness #11 I will be collecting items to donate to our troops. They are asking for just basic items that our troops need. Here is the list just in case you don’t want to read the flyer.
Nail clippers
Nail files
Sun screen
Chap stick
Dental floss
Tooth brush
Shaving cream
Disposable blades
Face wash towelettes
Spray deodorant
Baby wipes in pouches not canisters
Band aids
Socks (brown)
Army Green shirts
Candy (chocolate is acceptable)
Magazines (I believe they have to PG )
Decks of cards
Hand held games (with batteries)
Flavoring water packets
Hand written letters (be advised that letters will be read by an officer before they reach a unit)
I am going to be collecting things until February 14th and delivering them on the 15th
If you would like to donate something please message me and we can find a way to get the item or items to me. If you would like to send me cash I would be happy to send you a receipt showing you what I purchased.

Thank you for all of your support during this journey.


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4 Responses to Just the basics acts of kindness #11

  1. connie Laurence says:

    Great Idea Becky! Love this!!!

  2. connie Laurence says:

    I am sorry, I did not see a picture on your last post. Or I missed that blog?

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