Busy Busy

My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. 
Pablo Picasso 

So the last few days have been so busy for me. I worked a 10 hour shift yesterday and was ready for bed when I got home. Wednesday night I worked and then went straight to The Anchor bar in down town detroit to help with my friends benefit for Autism Speaks. You can check out the website at AutismSpeaks.org. They are doing a lot of wonderful things for Autism. So I think That is act of kindness #8 (I should go back and double check my count). My mom worked with special need children and she loved it, so this was a perfect way to do something good for someone and to honor my mom. This week was tough, I started school and was working a ton of hours at work. There were two nights where I didn’t get home until after 10:30pm. So I have a couple of plans for the weekend I am going to clean out my pantry and donate some canned food to Gleaners. You can donate cash here http://www.gcfb.org or if you are like me and some how have a million cans of tomato soup, you can clean out your pantry and donate some food. They have places near by that you can donate in Warren, Detroit or Pontiac. I also plan on cleaning out my closet this weekend and donating some gently used clothes of mine, Johns and the boys to the Purple Heart, you can find a link here to schedule your own pick up http://www.donatestuff.com. My mom and Grandma use to donate to the Purple Heart all the time.

In other news I got my kit for bethematch.com in the mail today and already did the cheek swabs and will be mailing my kit back tomorrow. Heres to crossing my fingers that I am a match to someone and that I get to make a difference in someones life.  

I will keep you updated on my progress for the things I plan on doing this weekend, Next week hopefully will be fun and a little laid back just some simple acts of kindness.


So for those of you keeping score that is act number 8 with 9 & 10 pending.   

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1 Response to Busy Busy

  1. connie Laurence says:

    Thanks Becky for these updates on your blog. Your mom would be very proud of you doing all of this great acts of kindess! Love to you and your family!

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