Act of kindness #6 and just some thoughts.

“You never realize how much your mother loves you till you explore the attic – and find every letter you ever sent her, every finger painting, clay pot, bead necklace, Easter chicken, cardboard Santa Claus, paper lace Mother’s Day card and school report since day one.” — Pam Brown

Act of kindness #6 I really debated if I could count it or not. Yes I believe it was an act of kindness but I was worried that I couldn’t count it because I would have done it even if I wasn’t doing these acts of kindness for my mother. Thats when I realized I would do this act because of the way my mom raised me. So there you go, I am counting #6 which was me purchasing a gift for a friend a love very much, My friend had great news (which is not mine to share) so I wanted to buy my friend a gift celebrating their news. If I get to many objections then I will probably redo #6.

I have been getting a lot of emails sharing stories about my mom and the things she did for people. I also am happy to say that our blog has inspired more acts of kindness. One of my mom’s oldest friends has been sharing inspirational and sometimes funny quotes in memory of my mom. I heard some very hungry roofers got some donuts in honor of my mom. Another one of my friends signed up to donate bone marrow and I highly encourage anyone else to google search BE THE MATCH and think about donating also. I also need to start looking into some kindness options that involve more of my time and less of my money. My favorite acts that I have done so far haven’t cost money, just some time. I have been searching acts of kindness ideas and to be honest I still haven’t found a website that I like any of their ideas. A lot of the random acts of kindness websites I have found should be called, What a decent person human being should do not random act of kindness ideas. Well i’m off to brainstorm some more ideas…..    

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