Today was the Big day!

Today would have been my mom’s 62nd birthday, So I started my Sorta Random Sorta planned out acts of kindness. I don’t know If I will be doing one or a couple every day. Today I accomplished 2 of them. The first was just a simple one. My brother Tim, Aunt Phyllis, and my moms best friend went out to lunch at Subway and we bought the person behind us lunch. It was really nice to see how grateful the man was for our simple act. We got to share with him and other people in Subway about how it was my mom’s birthday and she passed away this year, so we were doing this to remember her because she was such a giving soul. After things settled down (today was dramatic and it looks like things aren’t going to get any less dramatic on the extended family front, but that story is for another blog or to share over a beer) I went to the Red Cross and donated blood, While I was at the Red Cross I got to share again some funny stories about my mom and talk about some other important people in my life. It felt so good to be sharing and talking about the woman who raised me and doing positive things and making a difference even if it was a small difference in other people lives. You know my mom was so kind and giving, She didn’t care how large of an impact she had on someones life she just want to impact it in a positive way some how. Sadly I don’t think my mom ever realized how many people she touched and how many people. I don’t know what I am going to be able to get done tomorrow because we have to take Ridley to a specialist because he is have issues with his eye and we have to make sure it is not a brain issue. Please say a prayer for our little Ridley, that his eye issue is just that, an eye issue and not worst case scenario that has been laid out for us by the doctors which is a brain tumor or brain issues. 

I am only the person I am because of the person she was.  

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