Our first Christmas without our mom’s

John’s mom passed away 3 weeks before my mom passed away, So we knew this Christmas was going to be hard. Sadly but not unexpectedly my family is not speaking with each other, so christmas was not celebrated with all the usual people. Yes, Christmas was sad but No it wasn’t the tear festival I expected. I think John and I put off a lot of things until the last second and the boys got more than enough gifts we just didn’t make it as grand of thing as we usually do. Christmas was actually very nice, On Sunday we had John’s Sister and her family over along with John’s dad and we exchanged gifts with the little kids. It was a nice time. Lisa, Johns sister got married on 12-12-12 so it was nice to watch the newly weds share their first Christmas together. I hope that this become a family tradition, In fact I hope we start getting together more often with his Sisters family for dinner. The boys love playing with their cousins.

On Christmas eve we went to church. John played in the band and Briggs got up and preformed Joy to the world with all the other little kids from church. actually Briggs didn’t do much singing he spent his time in front of the church sneaking up to the drums to add a little rock-n-roll to Joy to the world. He thankfully only made it to the chimes but it was still pretty funny. After church we went to my dad and Jans house, I wasn’t sure what to expect when we went over there but it was nice. We all focused on the boys and had some laughs, we ate dinner together and we had a really nice time. By the time Christmas day rolled around we decided not to drive all over and just went to two places. Our first stop was to John’s sister house we had a good time but John is allergic to cats and forgot his allergy medicine so we were only there for an hour. After that we came home so John could take some allergy meds and we could relax for a few. Then we went to my cousin Karen and Randell’s house and celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. We had a good time. My bother Tim Facetimed us from Florida and got to chat with everyone who was over there. It was nice and I was so proud of myself because so far I had held it together but then my mom’s sister pulled me aside and sat down and before she even got a word out I started crying. I am so grateful for my Aunt Phyllis and what she said and did for me on Christmas. I am also so grateful for our families and the people we spent this christmas with. Yes we missed our mom’s very much but we still were able to laugh and have a good time and share time with our families and friends. Does it suck that our moms are gone? Yes. If we could jump into a Delorean and drive 88 miles per hour and go back in time would we? probably…. But we can’t stop living, we can only move forward with the people who want to move forward with us. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this. To the people who have stood by us and let us lean on them, to people who truly became our rocks Thank you. The people who brought us dinners while I recovered from my broken tibial plateau and came and visited Thank you. It is amazing to me to see some of the people who came out of the woodwork to help us out and be there for us. It also amazes me some of the people who never picked up the phone. The acts of kindness that we plan on doing starting on January 2nd are not only inspired by my mom but they are inspired by the friend and family who showed us so much love over this crazy summer. Thank you for everything. We Love you!!!!

also I have already gotten some emails from people who have already stared doing acts of kindness in honor of my mom and I will share some stories with you soon.



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