The story behind my acts of kindness

As many of you know my mom passed on July 4th this year.  On January 2nd she would have turned 62 years old.  My mom was the type of woman who loved unapologetically, Gave everything she had (even if it put her in debt.), She gave to anyone she felt was in need, even perfect strangers. Right before she passed away I was planning a surprise baby shower for some friends of mine and I told my mom about it. She would call me and give me suggestions on thing we could do for the couple and how we could surprise them, she put together bags of party supplies and little gifts for everyone who was involved in putting together the party and gifts for family we were having the shower for. My mom had never met the family but because they are special people to me, they were special to her. Sadly because she was in the hospital I never had the opportunity to pass along the things she put together for my friends. She jumped on any chance to spread love and to be kind to other people. Since my mom has passed whenever someone comes up to me to talk about her, they always tell me how kind she was and always have a story of something she did for them. I have decided that the best way to remember my mom on her 62nd birthday is to do 62 sort of random acts of kindness (Some of them are already planned out some will be random.).  I hope I can inspire other people to do 1 random act of kindness as they watch my family do 62 of them. If you have any suggestions please feel free to message me or just post it on my wall. I started a blog to keep track of our random acts that we will start doing on January 2nd her Birthday.

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7 Responses to The story behind my acts of kindness

  1. Phyllis Smith says:

    Your mom was/is my baby sister and I can’t believe how much I miss her. I sit here typing with tears streaming down my cheeks. She could be a pain in the neck but she also had a very loving side. I never doubted that she loved and cared for me.. She truly cared about people, especially those that were hurting and in need. She once saved all of her money to buy me a blue sapphire necklace. She was always more popular than I was but she never teased me about that. I remember after she was married that she would make these no-bake cookies. Because she was NOT a baker she did not own a kitchen timer and she would always call me to time the cookies for her. She had to stir them for 60 seconds. When 60 seconds were finished she would hang up and put the cookies on the waxed paper. Yum, I think that I should go make some now! She also had a very special knack for buying the most perfect gift for you. I wish I had that knack. She played a very important part in my life. She loved the Lord and when she was a teen she was never ashamed of that fact. She invited so many of her friends to church.

  2. Becky, I just read your blog. I think I was led to it because today is your mom’s birthday. 🙂 Mary Ann would be so pleased and proud of the way that you have managed Christmas without the two moms. It can’t have been easy. I, too, remember all the ways that your mom helped others. She had such a big heart! I also remember all the kittens she brought to school over the years, hoping to find them good homes….and she was successful! LOL! I love your “random acts of kindness” idea and so would your mom. “Paying it forward” in memory of her is a very loving thing to do. Blessings to you and your family in 2013. Love, Carole Pryzby

  3. Jan Barham Fray says:

    Hello Becky, My name is Jan Barham Fray. I would love to share some thoughts and feelings with you about your mother. She and I were in youth group at Northwood Baptist Church in the late 60’s and early 70’s. First let me tell you how sorry I am for your tremendous loss. I lost my mother 21 years ago, she was only 59 (my current age). People are now advising you about many things I’m sure. I can tell you that you will deal with her passing in your own way and time. It is very personal. I am the oldest sibling and felt as if I had to be the strong one. I was on the surface. I still break down crying over my mom. Mary Ann’s passing was way too soon. I didn’t know she was that sick. I am so sorry.
    As teens…..she was loving and deeply intuitive. She counciled all of the youth group members. We would go to her with our issues. Mostly the teen age love stuff. She had a wonderful way of soothing my heart. She went to camp with all of us a few summers. It was a Bible camp. Camp Chitaqua (sp) in Ohio. She was engaged to your father at this time so her thoughts were with him.
    She was giddy on love. I truely feel that she never recovered and moved on with life when they divorced.
    I can hear her laugh and see her smile and sparkly eyes. As we got into our child raising years, she no longer attended church. We never lost contact but it wasn’t the same. I invited her back dozens of times, I think she needed us (NBC) and we needed her. My career was at Beaumont Hospital in RO. I saw her there over the years for family issues or her own. Each time we hugged and agreed to get together to rekindle our friendship. I am so sorry we didn’t. I remember that she collected Precious Memories figurines. So did my cousin Cindy. What a coinsidence when Cindy told me about her new friend Mary Ann who was a collector. Small world. Did she keep her collection?
    I remember when you were bitten by a dog, she would let me know of your pain and recovery. I knew of you and your brothers when you were young. I also remember your gran mother and Uncle Larry. And your Aunt Phyliss, she is a good friend of mine. I hope you are close to her, she is
    a loving Christiam Woman. Well, I hope this comforts you somehow. I lost my mom in 1991 and my brother in 1997, he was only 39 yrs. I know that I need people to talk to me about them. I still do. I needed people to not forget them. To keep the memories alive. Mary Ann was loved by me.
    I wish you love and comfort. Jan

  4. beckyd316 says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words and stories about my mother. It’s so wonderful to see how my mom touched peoples lives. I am so blessed to be her daughter. I am very close with my Aunt Phyllis (in fact she is on the phone with me while I am typing this). My mom was a wonderful person and I am so grateful to the people my mom had the opportunity to become close with in life, who are sharing their stories of my mother with me.

  5. John Tovey says:

    Becky – My name is John Tovey. I too knew your mother through Northwood Baptist Church Youth Group. The church only had 280+ people – but 50 high school students. Some very active and close. Your mom and I attended summer camps together. After our youth years – your mom was a waitress – I remember eating burgers and fries and she would pay for it through tip money. Not a surprise, just a lover of people. We had great times with others at church functions – she grew up in Clawson, I in Royal Oak. We used to tease each other about our schools.

    If I could pick one word to describe your mom – it would be caring. When I served as the president of our youth group – she was always wanting to help me get things done (behind the scenes of course).

    When I return to NBC to be the choir director, Mary Ann was very supportive. She used to come to basketball and softball games and sit with the other wives and talk (maybe a gossip)! We had progressive dinners at homes and she was involved in those.

    I know one thing for certain. Mary Ann is in heaven – she made a commitment to Jesus Christ when she was younger. I am thankful that someday I will see her again.


  6. beckyd316 says:

    Wow, I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words about my mom. you have no idea how wonderful it is to hear your stories and how she has effected peoples lives. It truly is helping me heal my broken heart.

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